Thyroid Gland Assessment

One of the most common hormone disorders, thyroid dysfunction can elicit a wide variety of symptoms, both physical and mental.  These may include fatigue, depression, coldness, cognitive dysfunction, weight gain, poor sleep, menstrual abnormalities, decreased memory, constipation, dry skin, fluid retention, eye complaints and altered sex drive to list a few.  In reality, almost any organ and function in the human body can be affected by changes in thyroid hormone production and output.

Gross disorders of the thyroid gland like hypo or hyperthyroidism require obvious treatment and ongoing surveillance.  However, many people present with early or subtle thyroid dysfunction, that can induce many health problems even in the face of somewhat normal blood evaluations.  The result is that many patients can suffer with years or decades of health disturbances, due to their less than optimal functioning thyroid gland, and yet be told that they are normal and everything is okay.

Genetics, long standing psychological stress, nutritional and dietary imbalances, other hormone problems from adrenal or ovarian dysfunction, heavy metals, environmental hormone disruptors and certain pharmaceutical drugs can all interfere with proper thyroid gland function.

Various serum blood tests are available to analyze thyroid hormone secretion and metabolism, including central (brain) thyroid regulation (TSH), actual thyroid gland hormone production (freeT4 and T3), peripheral conversion (reverse T3) and thyroid autoimmunity (anti-TPO).  For a more general understanding of thyroid metabolism, Basal Body Temperature readings may also be used.  Electro-dermal Testing and Computerized Regulation Thermography also provide excellent information on how well the thyroid gland is operating.

Dr. Swetlikoff utilizes a variety of therapies to assist patients in getting their thyroid glands back into optimal balance.  Diet and nutritional advice, various plant/homeopathic medicines and nutritional co-factors to support a healthy gland, hormone replacement therapy of both T4 and T3 by either natural or synthetic drugs, Neural Therapy injections, Low Level Laser and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy are some of the main modalities used at KNC.  However, sometimes it is not appropriate to only focus on the thyroid gland exclusively.  Any ongoing lifestyle and environmental risk factors or disturbances in any other organs in the body, must too be addressed, in order to achieve effective, long-standing thyroid gland health.


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