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Welcome to Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic

For many of you, this may be your first time consulting a naturopathic physician. For others, you may have been treated in the past by one of Dr. Swetlikoff’s colleagues. Regardless, welcome to our clinic.

Our goal at this clinic is to provide high quality, individualized care, in an effective and non-toxic manner. We encourage your active participation in this process. Chronic conditions of many years duration require more time and effort to correct then do recent problems. Patience, motivation and discipline are key attributes for a successful outcome.

Dr. Swetlikoff is open to working with other practitioners you may also have participating in your medical care, be it a medical doctor, chiropractor, dentist, massage therapist etc. If referral to one of these professionals is deemed appropriate and in your best interest, it shall be recommended. An integrated approach to health care is often the most effective.

Many of the therapies and diagnostic procedures used at this clinic are state of the art and are related to Dr. Swetlikoff’s level of extensive, specialized training. Verbal or written information will be given to help educate you on these methods. Feel welcome to ask questions of the staff regarding any unfamiliar or unclear aspects of your care. We recommend keeping a personal file in where copies of tests, handouts & questions can be maintained regarding your health.

In general, the first visit is a consultation. In advance, you will be asked to fill in a comprehensive intake form which Dr. Swetlikoff will refer to during history taking. A thorough history, discussion of diagnostic / therapeutic options and expectations will be focus of this initial visit. The second visit is usually devoted to assessment. Physical examination, in house specialty tests and standard lab tests will either be performed or specimens collected. After all test results are obtained, Dr. Swetlikoff will review with you all of the collected data and a specific, individualized treatment program is outlined. Subsequent follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed.

For those patients traveling from outside of the Okanagan area to this clinic, this process may be sped up if time is permitting and advance scheduling is arranged. We try to accommodate everyone with consideration of patient and clinic schedules.

Since our services are not covered by the provincial health plan, you are responsible for payment of any expenses incurred. Some extended health insurance policies may help offset some of these fees; therefore it would be wise to discuss your coverage with your individual insurer. We do expect payment at the time services are rendered either by cash, debit or credit card. Due to safety and sterility issues, pharmacy items can not be returned for refund once dispensed.

If questions or problems arise in regard to quality of care, billing or other concerns please feel free to discuss them with Dr. Swetlikoff directly or with any of the staff. Your opinions are important to us and we aim to satisfy all patients to the best of our ability.

We look forward to serving you and wish you good health and happiness.

Respectfully, Garrett G. Swetlikoff, N.D. & staff

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    Are Cellphones Dangerous?

    apple, coffee, computer

    We are all surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  The sun and earth produce their own natural forces which we cannot escape.  But modern lifestyles and technologies have now chronically exposed humans to fields much different.  For example, AC electric fields from house wiring and corded appliances, power lines and radio frequencies are part of everyday living.  Cellphones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, smart meters and Bluetooth devices are everywhere.  The real fact is that these EMFs are unavoidable and exposure now starts during pregnancy and infancy, right until death.  We are living in an environment of electro smog….

    There is huge controversy over what health risks EMFs may or may not produce.  Most international health organizations, scientific bodies and pro-technology groups state that EMFs, at current levels and forms, do not significantly harm humans or animals.  Specific correlations with diseases like cancer, immune dysfunction or cognitive decline have not been shown statistically to be relevant.  So the general viewpoint is that all this exposure is safe.  These conclusions are readily available on the internet, if one wants to read the data presented.

    However, there are many other researchers, physicians and anti-EMF groups that disagree with these conclusions.  They point out that most studies have not been done for long enough periods of time and that the layering of multiple different types of EMF exposure simultaneously, have not been taken into account.  The frequency, power density, strength and duration of exposure are felt to alter the health risks and need to be factored in with more relevance.  Also, the sensitivity to EMFs may be varied form person to person, based on their own individual constitution and age.  Kind of like the old saying, “One man’s food is another man’s poison”.

    Some research has shown that EMFs alter voltage gated calcium channels in the outer membrane of cells, resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative free radical stress and possibly DNA damage.  The result being that some people report a variety of health issues from both long and short EMF exposure.  Ringing in the ears, dizziness, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, foggy thinking, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain syndromes and hormone imbalances are some examples.  More serious conditions like brain cancers, neurological defects, auto-immune disease and dementia are also being discussed by the anti-EMF groups.  The jury is out on all of this, but certainly, the sides are very polarized.

    So what does one do?????  Well…. the cat is out of the bag.  EMF technologies are not going away.  You cannot hide anywhere from EMF exposure.  Whether you believe that EMFs are safe or harmful, here are a few basic tips…..Try replacing wireless devices with wired versions.  Reduce cellphone use and don’t wear it in your bra or pocket.  Use the speaker in the phone and keep it in Airplane mode most of the time.  Reduce laptop use and use wired equipment.  Get as much electrical junk out of the bedroom and far away from your bed.  Try not live near cellphone towers.  Shut Wi-Fi routers off at night.  It is not clear if the advertised shielding devices out there actually work.  Have lots of houseplants, eat a diet rich in anti-oxidants, get outside in nature and get grounded, sweat, stay well water hydrated, and smart phones are not toys for the kids.  There are many other tips available if one researches them.  May the force be with you……

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