Women’s Health

In general, women are more proactive about their own health and the health of their entire family as compared to men. Women most often take the lead role when it comes to providing healthcare for their children. As a result, women are the ones most likely to explore a variety of healthcare disciplines in order to find the desired solutions.

A woman’s unique anatomy and physiology predisposes her to a variety of different health concerns than that of a man. From puberty to menopause, contraception to childbirth, menstrual and hormonal concerns, sexual health, osteoporosis, female cancers, lifestyle and mental and emotional well-being, a woman requires specialized attention and treatment.

At Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic (KNC) we offer a group of diagnostic and therapeutic services specially to meet the needs of our female patients. These services, depending on the specific concern, can be utilized in conjunction with standard gynaecological approaches or as stand alone treatments.