Weight Loss Programs


Many patients attend KNC for help with their weight. Some come for health related reasons and others purely for cosmetic enhancement. Nevertheless, inappropriate and excessive weight gain can be detrimental to one’s health linked to diseases like osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gallstones, mood disorders, fatigue and even some types of cancer.

Treatment revolves around a 3-pronged approach; diet and nutritional management, exercise and metabolic normalization. Proper eating habits with regular, appropriate physical activity and a healthy metabolic rate are all necessary components for achieving ideal body weight. Patients are educated in how to achieve these principles. Safe, effective, and time proven approaches are individualized for each patient at KNC. Of course, patient motivation, discipline, and consistency are mandatory attributes to ensure success.

Dr. Swetlikoff has much experience in using this 3-pronged approach in a variety of ways. Whether it be the Interventional Low Calorie Diet, Carbohydrate Restriction/Protein Enhancement Diet, Intermittent Fasting or the Metabolic Diet, successful weight loss can often be achieved.

A healthy body weight is foundational to good health now and in the future. If you have been stuck and frustrated with the extra pounds you are carrying, contact KNC and start the transformation now.

Copy the link below on Dr. Simeon’s Diet original manuscript, “Pounds and Inches”.