Singlet Oxygen Therapy Activated Air Treatment

Singlet oxygen consists of an oxygen molecule containing more energy that the oxygen we usually breathe. Plants, through the process of photosynthesis (sunlight & chlorophyll), produce singlet oxygen in the environment.

Using a special instrument called a Valkion Unit, normal air oxygen can be converted into singlet oxygen in a clinical setting. This form of oxygen has a very short lifetime (2 millionths of a second) and emits energy as it degrades to the ground state oxygen level. It is the energy emitted that the body utilizes not the actual singlet oxygen. The main effects of singlet oxygen energy on human beings are:

  • Powerful reduction of the production of free radicals
  • Detoxification
  • High energy production, better performance, more ATP
  • Reduction of cholesterol, triglycerids and uric acid
  • Rejuvenation

A variety of illnesses can be treated with this therapy such as asthma, emphysema, heart conditions, neurological diseases, various bowel disorders, allergy, arthritis, and cancer. The Valkion instrument produces the activated oxygen in three ways.

  1. For inhalation
  2. For drinking of activated water
  3. For activation of light used for local treatment (pain, ulcers, inflammation etc.)

This natural, non-poisonous and non-invasive therapy can be used in children and any person who wishes to improve both their physical and mental condition.