Scar Therapy

The body produces a scar as part of the healing cascade. Scars can be produced by trauma, surgery, chronic inflammation and by blood and nerve flow impairments. Scars maybe visible, on the surface of the skin, or invisible, deep in the body’s organs and cavities. Some are obviously painful and restrict functions and others, though cosmetically noticeable, appear harmless.

It is known that scars can act like “fields of disturbance” and may produce not only local problems, but problems distant from their site. Scars create abnormal electrical forces that can affect the involuntary nervous system. Connective tissue (fascia) beneath scars can be restricted in movement and can cause pain. Scar tissue obstructs the normal network of blood, lymph, and nerve supply, thus causing alteration in the micro-architecture of the area.

At KNC, several therapies are available to eliminate the negative effect scars cause in one’s health. The use of Bee Venom, Neural Therapy, DMSO, Laser and ElectoBloc are all modalities that are used at the clinic to settle down these often overlooked lesions.

Although difficult for many people to understand, scar tissue is a significant cause of chronic illness and if treated correctly, often yields “alot of mileage” towards health recovery.