Parenteral Therapies

The intravenous and injection administration of naturopathic medicaments is a safe and effective way to enhance their therapeutic response. Giving substances via this route allows direct access to the circulatory system, particularly necessary for individuals whose absorptive ability of the gastrointestinal tract is limited or impaired. I.V. therapy enables one to deliver high concentrations of medicines, which otherwise may not be able to be achieved by oral means. Drug effects occur quicker when given intravenously, thusly making this the preferred route in emergency, acute and chronic cases.

Parenteral Therapies benefit a variety of severe infectious, inflammatory and pain producing conditions. Autoimmune, degenerative and malignant diseases are also appropriate indications for I.V. therapy. Patients suffering from anxiety, depression and chronic stress are often helped by infusions formulated to relax, de-stress and tonify their nervous systems. For generally healthy individuals who desire preventative nutrition, parenteral administration of nutrients is an excellent method to achieve this goal.

Considered by many a pioneer in the intravenous application of naturopathic therapies, Dr. Swetlikoff and KNC offer an extensive variety of intravenous treatments. Examples include vitamin, mineral, trace element, amino acid, high dose vitamin C, alkalinizing, glutathione, hydrochloric acid, botanical and homeopathic infusions and injections.

Many ask, what do you put in the IVs?  There are dozens of different mixtures and combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant medicines possible. They are individually tailored and mixed depending on what is being treated. For example, dilute hydrogen peroxide is great for respiratory infections and colds/flu. The famous “Myer’s cocktail” is wonderful for the immune system and many ailments. We have literally given thousands of these over the years. Here is a link that tells you everything you want to know about the Myer’s cocktailBe well.    Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff, ND

Myers’ Cocktail information