Natural Chemotherapy Agents

Although conventional medicine offers a wide variety of effective chemotherapeutic drugs, some patients seek more naturally occurring compounds for their cancer treatment. The latter may be the case because of philosophical preference, conventional drug resistance and/or failure or as an integrated adjunct to surgery and radiation therapy.

At Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic (KNC) we continually research and explore safe and effective options for our cancer patients. We have experience utilizing different naturally derived chemotherapy-like agents including Careseng (ginseng derivative), Helixor (mistletoe preparation), Laetrile (apricot/vegetable seed extract) and High Dose Vitamin C Therapy (not corn based).

These compounds can be used by themselves or in conjunction with Phototdynamic Tumour Therapy, Whole Body Infrared Hyperthermia or as part of a complementary treatment program.