Myers’ Cocktail

The famous Myers’ Cocktail has been used by naturopathic physicians and progressive medical doctors for several decades.  Basically, it is an intravenous vitamin and mineral infusion, which can be “supped up” by the addition of other medicaments like homeopathic compounds, botanicals, amino acids etc…  The effects of this treatment occur quickly and help both acute and chronic conditions.  Whether you are young or old, the Myers’ Cocktail is safe and thusly appropriate for almost all disorders.  Fatigue, headaches, respiratory infections, muscular pain, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression and general improvement of one’s well being, are some examples of problems the Myers’ Cocktail can and has helped.  Whether this therapy is done once, weekly or as needed, most individuals obtain significant benefit from this modality.

Dr. Swetlikoff was one of the first physicians in Canada to provide the Myers’ Cocktail to the public and has over 25 years of experience administering it.

Below is a link to a much more extensive article on the history and use of the Myers’ Cocktail.

Myers’ Cocktail information