Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen Peroxide (H²O²) is simply water (H²O) with an extra oxygen (O) molecule added to it. H²O² is naturally made in the human body and the use of this substance medically dates back to 1920 when it was used for influenzal pneumonia.

This compound has many different functions including hormone regulation, anti-microbial, cellular energy production, and immune system support. Diseases of the heart and circulation, lung disorders, infectious problems, immune disorders, cancer, and neurological conditions, all maybe helped with hydrogen peroxide. This therapy is administered intravenously slowly over 1-3 hours @ 0.03% concentration. Treatments are usually given one-two times weekly, but in acute circumstances, can be used daily.

Dr. Swetlikoff is an IBOM (International Bio-oxidative Medicine Foundation) trained and board certified physician and has used Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy extensively since 1993.